by Zack Stefanski

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This album was written, recorded, and mastered in the comfort of Zack's home in Louisville, KY. Lyrically, he is inspired to speak about the consistencies of modern day life as well as many personal experiences.


released December 4, 2015

Musicians | Andrew Sears - Drums (Perfect Prison, Sleepwalker, A Pair of Portraits, & Long Way Home) | Patrick Denney - Bass (Long Way Home)

Album Artwork | Kayla Bischoff

Album Design | Adam Sears

Listening & Suggestion Team | Adam & Andrew Sears, Patrick Denney, & Connor Waldman



all rights reserved


Zack Stefanski Louisville, Kentucky

Zack Stefanski (b. 1992) is a musician living in Louisville, KY, with his talented visual artist girlfriend Kayla Bischoff. He works at a local music rental store and as a freelance sound engineer in the evenings.

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Track Name: Mind is Restless
i just woke up | how did you sleep last night? | couldn’t sleep much | why? weren’t you comfortable? | mind was restless | at least it’s not my fault | my mind was restless and i’m eager to start the day | what lies ahead i’ll never find in bed
Track Name: Perfect Prison
life’s not the bridge I thought it was | taken so fondly to the thought | mind set in motion rather not | friends become family; family, friends | i never realize ‘till I’m with them again | they know my ways | they help me grow | but if i didn’t look back i’d be lost in the perfect prison | days all the same | little to change | life can get comfortable when you schedules the same | nothing can happen everythings fine | but I won’t get lost in this valley of death | walking so comfortably ‘till I’ve wasted every single breath | research the past, be someone new | but if you didn’t look back you’d be lost in the perfect prison | if we didn’t look back we’d be lost in the perfect prison
Track Name: Sleepwalker (Stolen Identity)
the path is clear though i cannot see the way | my eyes are closed cannot use them in this place | brain making sense of what i cannot define | i’m not myself though it’s me you’d recognize | stolen identity i’ve run away with me | what baits me away from the peacefulness of sleep yet leaves me rambling in incoherent speech? | conviction in what i believe is true | no need to shout i will not be hearing you | forgive me now for the oddity i claim | it’s not my fault though my body is to blame | the tape is rolling though it will not record | ill wake in time when my thoughts have been explored | i’ll get home safely | don’t ask me how | i don’t know
Track Name: The Pulpit
she stumbles up the stairs into the church relieved to find the door open a first | her frozen hands warmed in the air | a naked soul not quite so bare | she let the door swing shut without a care | the only noise inside came from a boy and water from the fountain where he cried | heads turned round and eyes did glare | a whisper here a motion there and she was asked to leave without a care | i watched her from the pulpit where i stood disgusted with the disruption occurred | who was that woman why is she here | please take her somewhere so far from here our baby boy need not see things so foul | we drove the boy back home an hour east | lullabies to sleep please sleep in peace | i locked the door armed the alarm sat down in the comfort of things i desire and felt the fire’s heat upon my face
Track Name: You Are Here
unconditional love, a concept i find hard to imagine | yet it’s all around us | it’s all around | who am i without my other stronger, wiser half? | it’s not who I need to be no | it’s who I want to be | you know be better than I | you are here | unconditional love begins with wanting nothing more than what is best for someone not what is best for you and realizing that you aren’t who you are alone | it’s not how you need to be no | it’s how you want to be
Track Name: A Pair of Portraits
the man came in alone | a veteran of old age | this bag held all he owned he tossed it to the wayside | i watched him make his choice | an instrument he knew well to play his nation’s anthem with pride and nobody around paid it mind | she visits once a while | a victim of her own mind | speaking to voices unheard and begging for a bus fair | she often wears new shoes amidst her tattered clothing | complemented them once and she smiled | some words do soothe the voices inside
Track Name: Gertrude (The Owl Room)
mother used to take us to visit her in a little white house she kept on the corner | i can still smell the old and musty air that had settled over years and remember the way she carried herself through her home | sickness left her daughter immobilized so very young | only eighteen when she passed away | the christmas decorations she had always held so near still lay in similar places and it’s been years | but in the back room was where they would spend the most of their time | placing dozens of ows into pictures on the wall and every time i went there the stories were never new but the love that they shared together in that room couldn’t be more true
Track Name: Long Way Home
they came inside to take a look at how we spent our time and we really hope they like it | as if it matters ‘cause we can’t but help to try in making something perfect | knowing we never will | don’t mind me | i’ll just take the long way home | i’m better off all on my own | and when we’re finished with this project it will be over | another one will come | we can’t be sure that the time we spent on anything will be worth it | what can we do but try?
Track Name: Series of Circumstances
i’m a creature of habit | food only tastes as good as how hungry you are consistency will be the death of me but some decisions you’ll get right the first time | i’m a creature of habitat | series of circumstances made me into this | find comfort in the world i know | no need to change what works at all | i’m a being of superstition | i used to pray they’d give me what I want | time has taught me to be the change I need | nothing will come unless you give the time | though, I’m not a being of disbelief | it may be hard to subscribe to any one | i trust in the friends I live along | i trust in commitment to a goal
Track Name: Gone is the Time
winter recalling its territory as if it’s ashamed to speak of the wonder that it knows | well i’ve heard the silence in the falling snow | i dream of it where i go | a light that never fades away | gone is the time | summer is waiting for you now | you’ll never have time to prepare | spring time remembers the promise you made and changes the time of day you’ve found to be a compass | well i’ve seen the beauty of life reborn and the pain of what comes on the morn | i want it all to last